Business Cards Are Still Important For Tattoo Artists

The industry is oversaturated and tattoo enthusiasts have more options than ever before. Often times when a consumer is researching tattoo shops, he or she will stop in to assess the premises; this is when a professionally designed and printed business card becomes one of your strongest selling points! The potential client is not ready to make a decision that day, but is compiling information that will help decide which shop to go with in the future. When your soon-to-be client is at home looking down at the handful of cards collected, the businesses who did not have a card are already out of the running - they are forgotten about. The human mind becomes overwhelmed with important decision making - whatever options are clearly presented will become the true contenders. When it comes down to business cards, quality and design speak volumes, and tattoo artists should know better about this than anyone else. 

You may be the most talented tattoo artist in your city, maybe even in your state, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify you as a graphic designer. Just as there are different types of tattoos, e.g., traditional, geometric, portrait, etc., there are different types of artists. Even if you’re a whiz on PhotoShop, it doesn’t mean you will create the best business card out of the bunch! Remember that potential client who is staring down at his or her hands looking at the pile of cards collected!? Is yours going to be the custom, diecut, professionally printed on silk laminated card stock, or the printer paper kind that falls apart the second it is exposed to moisture? You want your card to be the one that tells a future client “pick me, I care about my career.” You would never tell someone they are better off getting a poorly designed, scratcher tattoo because it’s cheaper. So you are definitely not going to opt for a low-budget business card to represent your craft.