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Business Proposals

Business Proposals

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Is your poorly written business proposal scaring away potential clients? If you need a well-written, clear and concise pitch that is going to seal the deal, then look no further. For the last decade, our professionally written business proposals have generated millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients.

Our goal is to uncover your prospective client’s needs, challenges and apply the best solutions.

We will utilize optimum communication and write in a style that speaks to your potential client. For example, if the proposal will be evaluated by the marketing department, we will use the most appropriate marketing language.

We offer two types of *written business proposals which are delivered in both DOCX and PDF formats for your convenience:

  1. Solicited Proposals- This is a situation in which an organization has invited you to submit your proposal.

  2. Unsolicited Proposals- This is for when you are trying to attract the attention of new clients who have not yet heard of your organization.

These types of proposals are both written in a way to maximize your chances for success no matter which situation you find yourself in.

*Please ask about our print proposal pricing

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We will combine the information you give to us, along with research we conduct on our own, so that we can make your business proposal stand out from the competition. We aim to make your potential client understand why your solution is superior to all other proposals that have been submitted. Your proposal must clearly demonstrate the benefits to be gained and losses to be avoided by doing business with your company.

We will help to prove that your organization has the ability to deliver your product or service on time and on budget. Where possible, we include qualifications, customer endorsements and industry-related data.

Each proposal is a maximum of 6 pages in length, includes 3 free edits and will contain 1 high resolution *image or *logo, an overview of what you are offering, a detailed scope of the project, information pertaining to specific objectives, testimonials, program details, pricing, and any other pertinent factors we feel will make your proposal the best it can be.

*Each additional edit or image is $10
*You must provide a high resolution vector logo or
purchase a custom logo design